Cheap Carpet Cleaning Alternatives

Carpet cleaning is an important task for every carpet owner but unfortunately many people do not participate as they should. One reason is that cleaning your carpet can be quite expensive depending on the method and materials that you are going to use. Professional carpet cleaners can cost a lot of money and cleaning products can also set you back a few dollars.

Carpet cleaning is a necessity, as not doing so can lead to a dirty and unhealthy carpet. If you are worried about the costs, there are a number of inexpensive cleaning solutions that you can use. You don’t need to spend a lot of money anymore to get a clean and stain-free carpet for your home. Here are some common items that you may not know of that can be effective and cost friendly alternatives to cleaning your carpet.

Salt – Yes, salt is not good only for food and cooking but can also do wonders for your carpet too. Salt is great for removing mud stains from your carpet and can also help remove the unpleasant odor that is usually left behind. To use salt, you just need to sprinkle a handful of it over the area. Gently work it into the dried mud and then use a vacuum cleaner to extract. Repeat as necessary until you are left with a mud free carpet.

Cornstarch – Cornstarch is another kitchen product that you can use to clean stains from your carpet. It also works great for removing ink stains. Ink stains can be a big problem to get out but with a little cornstarch you won’t need to pull your hair out with frustration. Make a paste out of cornstarch by mixing it with milk and apply it to the stain. Wait for it to dry up and harden and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out along with the stain.

Ammonia – Ammonia is an effective cleaning solution that is very cheap and easy to get. Why buy a carpet cleaning product from a store when you can use ammonia to remove stains and deodorize your carpet? To use ammonia, just mix a teaspoon of it with a cup of water in a spray bottle and apply it to the stained area. Then, blot it out using a clean cloth or towel. Repeat these steps until the stain is removed.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden on your wallet. Just use these handy and inexpensive carpet cleaning alternatives. They will surely leave your carpet fresh and clean without making a big dent in your budget.

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Removing Candle Wax From Your Carpet

Candles have a lot of uses in and around the house. They can make a long sponge bath even more relaxing or make the room more romantic for a dinner date at home with your spouse or significant other. Unfortunately, candles can also ruin your mood, as spilled candle wax on your carpet can be a frustrating experience for any carpet owner. Candle wax can dry up quickly in your carpet fibers, which can really create a tense situation.

If you find yourself with spilled candle wax on your carpet don’t go crazy just yet. It may be a challenge but it is certainly something that you can get out, even on your own. To help you remove candle wax from your carpet, here is a simple, yet effective, guide you can use.

· The first step when dealing with candle wax is to let it dry up first. Do not try to remove the wax while it is still in liquid form as you can end up spreading it and making it much harder to remove. Let it dry up completely before undertaking any steps to remove it.

· To help it dry faster, put some ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and apply it directly onto the candle wax. This will help quickly cool off the wax, thus making it easier to remove. Leave the ice for a minute or two. This will harden it and make it easier to scrape up and remove.

· Once the candle wax has dried up completely, use a razor blade or a spoon to scrape as much of it off of your carpet as you can. Be careful not to damage the fibers of your carpet. Remove the larger pieces by hand and the smaller, particles with a vacuum cleaner.

· If, after these steps, there is still some remaining wax on your carpet, you may want to try a process called heat transfer. This requires an iron and either a paper bag or some wax paper. Place the bag or paper over the wax area and iron. Make sure to have the iron on a low setting to prevent burning. This will help soften the wax and transfer it onto the paper bag. Make sure to test this in a small area first.

Removing candle wax from your carpet is not that hard. Just follow these simple steps and your carpet will be wax free and clean once again.

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3 Great Green Carpet Cleaning Options

Carpet cleaning can sometimes be one of the more difficult tasks to do around the house. The dirt and the stains do not always come out easily and can make your carpet, as well as the room, look dirty and unappealing. There are solutions for this though as there are now strong carpet cleaning products which can help you clean those stubborn stains from your carpet. Unfortunately, many of these tough carpet cleaning agents come at the expense of Mother Nature as some of them contain hazardous ingredients that can be hazardous to our environment.

With an increasing awareness of eco-friendly solutions, we should always take steps that contribute to preserving the environment in any way that we can. Even small ways, such as with our carpet cleaning, can make a difference. Below are some of the best ways that you can still get a clean carpet with green carpet cleaning agents that are safe for our environment.

Vinegar – Vinegar is a great organic ingredient to clean your carpets. It does not cost much and it can usually already be found in kitchen cupboards in every home. It has a number of uses including removing pesky stains, as well as deodorizing your carpet by removing unwanted odors. The usual method for using vinegar is by mixing it with hot water and using the solution to remove stains and neutralize pet odors from your carpet.

Baking Soda – Baking soda is not just for your kitchen, it can also be a great green option for your carpet. It is an effective remedy for carpet stains caused by wine and food spills. Like vinegar, baking soda is a fantastic option for removing odors from your carpet and keeping it fresh. You can best use baking soda by sprinkling an even layer of it over the soiled areas and then letting it set for a few hours or overnight. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it, along with the odor in your carpet.

Salt – Salt doesn’t only add flavor to your food, it can also do wonders when cleaning your carpet. Salt is again one of the cheaper yet effective options that you can use. It is great for absorbing liquid and stains by applying it to the affected area and letting it set for a few hours before vacuuming

With these three eco-friendly carpet cleaning options, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on commercial cleaning products any more. These green alternatives are not only less expensive but are also safer for the Earth and your household.

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How to Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

Pets and carpet may sometimes be a difficult combination to have. Carpet is great for giving a room warmth and is really nice and comfortable to the touch. Pets are great companions and are really fun to have around the house. Having both though can lead to a lot of pet stains and dirt on your carpet which can be a nightmare to get out.

Removing pet stains may seem like a daunting task but it can actually be an fairly easy as long as you know the right things to do. Here are some of the common methods of removing pet stains from your carpet.

· Carpet Cleaning Products – There are a number of carpet cleaning products available at your local supermarket that can effectively remove carpet stains. Check out your local grocery store or supermarket and take your pick among the many options available. Going with brand name cleaning products are recommended as they are usually more reliable than the lesser known brands in removing those pesky pet stains from your carpet.

· Detergent Solution – If you do not want to spend a lot of money on brand name carpet cleaning products then you can make use of a detergent solution, which you can make yourself out of common household items. Mix a small amount of non-bleach detergent with water in a spray bottle and then apply it over the stained area. Use a cloth or towel to blot the area. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the cleaned area when you are done with any cleaning. This prevents build up of residue that can actually attract more dirt to the area.

· Ammonia Solution – Another mixture that you can use to remove pet stains is an ammonia solution. Mix a tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and then apply the solution to the stained area. Make sure not to soak the carpet too much though. With any cleaning solution, apply only a little at a time. You can always repeat the process but you can’t undo what you’ve already done. After applying the solution, make use of a clean towel to blot out the stain and then rinse. This can also help neutralize odor.

Owning a pet and carpet does not need to be a nightmare anymore. Using the cleaning methods above, you’ll be able to keep your carpet clean and free from pet stains without a hassle.

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Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips: How to Care for Your Carpet

Carpet can really make a difference to the look and feel of a room. There are a lot of advantages in having carpet, which is why a lot of people use it in their homes. Carpet can make a room warmer and accommodating and can also make it look more appealing. Aside from aesthetics, carpet also helps with safety as it protects your family from accidentally slipping on the floor.

Unfortunately, carpet does have its downside. It can be a challenge when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Carpet can accumulate dust and dirt over time and acquire stains from food and drink spills that can be a nightmare to get out.

If you have carpet at home then keeping it clean can surely be one of your troubles. You don’t need to worry though as there are ways to help make cleaning your carpet a little less problematic. Here are some helpful carpet cleaning tips that you can use in your home.

· Dust can accumulate very quickly in your carpet so regular and proper vacuuming is essential. Even if the carpet looks clean it may still contain a lot of dirt and soil. Try to vacuum your carpet once or twice a week to avoid dust and dirt build up. When you vacuum, make sure to pay more attention to areas that are commonly used, as dirt build up may be concentrated there.

· Another great technique for keeping your carpet clean is steam cleaning (or hot water extraction). This method involves renting a steam cleaning unit from a local hardware store or cleaning supply company. The basics involve spraying a solution of detergent mixed with hot water onto your carpet and then using the machine for extraction. This will remove deep seeded dirt and soil that can’t be removed by ordinary vacuuming.

· Moving your furniture around once in a while is another helpful carpet maintenance tip. It may sound like a task but moving around your furniture helps avoid those dents in your carpet that can occur from the furniture legs. You don’t have to totally rearrange a room. Just moving an item a few inches to allow the dents to naturally fluff back up is really all that is necessary.

· Having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is also a great way to keep your carpet looking new. Professional cleaners have expert knowledge in carpet care and can clean your carpet correctly and thoroughly. Carpet experts recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional at least once per year.

Cleaning and maintaining carpet does not need to be a problem anymore. Follow these tips and you should always have a clean and beautiful carpet that your family can continue to enjoy for years to come.

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New Trends in Carpet Cleaning Vacuums

When it comes to carpet cleaning, bigger, brighter and costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better. In a recent study on vacuum cleaners, classic cleaning competency is still the main criterion for measuring the superiority of a unit among other competing models. This study was performed by a well-known consumer advocate and it compared the performance of around 90 upright and canister vacuums by trying them on a total of 2 miles carpet and bare floor. The results were more conventional than you might have thought.

It is interesting to note that the study confirmed the toughest task for a vacuum cleaner was, hands-down, carpet cleaning. Here are just some of the consumer points to ponder when choosing among the array of vacuum cleaners available on the market today:

Big brand names are not the measure performance anymore. When it comes to upright models, the results for a classic big brand slipped down a notch for the first time after so many years of holding strongly at the number 1 position. The big brands were nudged by two relatively new players due to their cleaning reliability and spotless performance.

Performance still trumps new tricks. Newer models with gimmicks such as lightweight performance, non-stop suction action, or power steering still can’t compete with models that offer pure, superior performance when it comes to cleaning, airflow, and collection. Among the best equipment tested, one featured a rotating blade that packs together the dirt it picks up. This feature boosts the unit’s cleaning ability and helps users with easier emptying. Other simple additions, such as power head adjusting through a foot control, further lift some of the cleaning burden off of consumers’ shoulders.

Price tag doesn’t equal quality. Some of the most expensive models that were tested showed mediocre performance. Others may have worked well, but were more labor intensive – as if manufacturers were thinking that if a consumer can afford such a model, they can also afford to pay help to use it.

Still, it’s okay to trust technology. The vacuum cleaner that earned the most exciting buzz recently was a robot-technology model that sucked all the dirt, hair, dust, and other particles off the carpet (or floor) with absolutely no need for the owner to lift a finger. It’s like a little robot frisbee that covers an entire surface area completely all by itself. And according to reports, it does execute a methodical and effective cleaning.

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A Healthy Home Needs A Healthy Carpet

We all want a clean, healthy home to come home to. What is often overlooked though, is that keeping the carpet clean is a large part of maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. For many of us the carpet is probably the largest item we have at home. It may cover the majority of the house. But because we are usually walking on it and covering it up with pieces of furniture it can sometimes get neglected. This can be the biggest mistake if your goal is to have a clean and healthy home.

What carpet actually does in your home, other than keep your bare feet warm in the winter, is work as a filter for almost anything that gets brought in by our feet or through the air. Think of your carpet like the filters you use in your air conditioning vents. The concept is the same. All the dust and particles that float in the air has to go somewhere. I can’t stay up forever. It ends up in your carpet. So what happens to your air conditioning filter if you don’t change it after a while? It gets covered, clogged, and looks disgusting. This is the same thing that is going on with your carpet.

This is why it is very important to vacuum and maintain your carpet on a regular basis. One of your carpet’s jobs is to filter out debris for you. Your job is to collect all that debris and remove it. If you don’t then your carpet is going to become a cesspool for bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and a number of other unhealthy organisms and germs. This will not only lead to health issues such as allergies or respiratory ailments, but will also attract more unsavory characters such as roaches, termites, and mice. Yuck.

If you have children that are constantly on the carpet then you really need to keep it clean. Crawling, rolling, and just playing in general usually has your children’s faces close to the carpet. If you haven’t maintained it properly then they are just breathing in all those unhealthy elements.

The simplest and most efficient practice is to keep your carpet vacuumed. Do this up to 2-3 times or more a week if you can and at least once per week. This will collect everything your carpet has collected during that span. You’ll be surprised at how much better the indoor air quality is when you vacuum on a regular basis.

Hire a professional to give your carpet a deep cleaning once per year. This will basically “reset” your carpet and give you a fresh slate to continue your regular maintenance on. These two things are the basis of having a healthy carpet and a healthy home.

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Carpet Cleaning Cheats

Carpeted flooring requires serious investments not just in terms of financial costs but also the time commitment you have to devote to its cleaning and maintenance.

However, not everyone has the time to implement an effective cleaning schedule that ensures the carpet is well taken care of. From stay-at-home moms and dads, two-income households, and working students to young career professionals, the schedules of modern homes are now so much more busy and hectic that 24 hours is often not enough to fit in all the tasks and activities for any given day.

Because of the multi tasking and full packed to-do lists common nowadays, you can certainly benefit from any possible strategies that make things work more efficiently. For example, when it comes to cleaning carpet, you can reduce deep cleaning times if you take vigilant, preventive measures to keep carpet from accumulating dirt and stains to begin with. Doormats and “no shoes” policies are great ideas for keeping down the influx of dirt and grime into your home. For situations, such as an unexpected party or during the busy holiday season, you can implement a number of “rush” carpet cleaning methods that make the carpet look great even with minimum cleaning time.

Experts recommend daily vacuuming to prevent soil from building up. However, if you’re busy, chances are you’ll only be able to vacuum once a week, and that’s if you’re lucky. No matter how busy you are it is very important to at least vacuum once per week. And if this is all your schedule will allow then you need to make the most out of each vacuuming session to maximize its cleaning capabilities. Vacuum slowly and thoroughly. Make sure you get a deep clean over every surface. Your vacuum cleaner generates the most power while you are pulling back. Keep this in mind as you are vacuuming and make sure to move your machine in multiple directions. During crunch time, (i.e. party in three hours), you can just thoroughly go over the high traffic areas, as these usually get the most dirt and wear.

To banish smells almost instantly, baking soda is the easy, cheap, and convenient answer. Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet; leave it on for a few minutes, and then vacuum. The result will be a freshly cleaned, odor-free carpet. Baking soda is also a quick remedy to spills and accidents. Pour baking soda over the affected area, leave it on to dissolve the elements, and then vacuum or blot dry, as the case may be. You can also leave baking soda inside a potpourri bag or in a pot, and it will absorb everyday smells.

Once a year schedule a professional steam cleaning to get rid of allergens, pet dander, and any deep-seated germs and bacteria in your carpet. You can rent a steam-cleaning machine or hire a professional carpet cleaner for this job. Do this along with your regular carpet maintenance and you’ll be able to enjoy the healthy benefits of a hygienic and disinfected carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning on a Budget

Carpet cleaning is an inevitable expense for every home, office, classroom, or any other indoor facilities. To ensure a well-maintained carpet, you will need to account for cleaning agents, cleaning supplies, electricity and water costs, and possibly labor costs. Also taken into the consideration needs to be the time you might spend for cleaning and maintenance.

To make sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of a well maintained, properly cleaned carpet; here are some ways to slash the costs – without cutting back on the quality of cleaning.

1. Be vigilant with preventative maintenance.
Try to keep as little dirt as possible from getting onto the carpet to help lengthen the intervals between professional deep cleaning sessions. Placing foot mats at entryways will significantly decrease the amount of soil that gets inside the house and onto the carpeted area. Just make sure these mats are also properly maintained. Some homeowners even implement a no-shoes policy inside the house to further promote cleanliness.

Preventive cleaning also involves treating spots as they happen, to prevent stubborn spots and stains that might require expensive products or expert cleaning services. Most stains can be removed by blotting out excess liquid with clean towels, then treating with a mild detergent solution, rinsing off with water, and finally, drying off completely. This economical solution is highly recommended by cleaning experts for effective spot treatment.

2. Alternate cleaning methods to save on water, chemical, and energy use.
Foam cleaning and bonnet cleaning can be implemented to maintain longer intervals in between deep cleaning sessions. These two cleaning methods use fewer chemicals, less water, and require shorter drying times, but can still effectively clean heavy traffic areas. However, foam and bonnet cleaning methods won’t be able to reach the deepest layer of the carpet thus still creating the necessity for deep cleaning.

3. Go green.
Using homemade, organic cleaning agents can guarantee you a clean carpet without taking a heavy toll on the environment or your budget. Vinegar, lemon, salt, and baking soda are just a few pantry items that can also be used as effective carpet stain and odor removers. These items are also safe and non-toxic, making them friendly to kids, pets and the environment.

With a little creative thinking and little more elbow grease it is still possible to get that clean and attractive carpet you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. These techniques are safe and effective on any budget.

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Removing Mold From Carpet

Mold will definitely make carpet look unattractive and filthy. But the main reason for getting rid of it is that mold poses a serious health risk to you and your family members, especially if it begins spreading into a larger area.

Mold produce allergen and fungi spores in the air that can become concentrated in an enclosed, indoor space. These toxins may affect the respiratory and immune systems of children, elders, or those with medical conditions such as asthma. Mold on the carpet is a serious issue – especially if you’re serious about protecting the health of your family.

Aside from health risks, mold can also present negative effects to your property. Studies show that mold spreads quickly, and when it reaches the organic portions of your home, such as the wallboard beside the carpet or the wood floor underneath, it can damage or weaken the structure.

One thing to keep in mind is that modern carpet materials are virtually inorganic, and thankfully are not natural environments for mold to grow. However, it is the moisture and deep-seated soil and dirt that make your carpet a place for mold to thrive in. In other words, mold is a prime indicator of an improperly cleaned and maintained carpet.

Dirt, dust, and moisture are the perfect combination for growing mold. That is why, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has a simple guideline for avoiding mold in your carpet: Keep it clean and dry.

To fight mold aggressively, remember to routinely vacuum your carpet carefully and thoroughly, making sure every area has been worked on. To maximize your efforts, use a machine and cleaning solutions that are approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Follow the rules of carpet cleaning, such as, do not over-wet the carpet and make sure to dry it out completely.

Another important reminder is to not close up your rooms when the carpet is still wet. Encourage air circulation, as this is a basic step to avoiding mold, not just on the carpet, but also in all areas of the house. To make sure deep-seated dirt is removed and the carpet is disinfected, schedule professional cleaning sessions with a reliable company for a periodic deep cleaning of your carpet.

On a last note, when dealing with mold, try to limit your contact with it as much as possible. Wear an N-95 respirator to avoid breathing spores. Long cleaning gloves and goggles are highly recommended not just for limiting mold contact, but also as protection from chemicals and strong agents from your cleaning formulas.

For more info on how to properly maintain your carpet please visit us.

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