New Trends in Carpet Cleaning Vacuums

When it comes to carpet cleaning, bigger, brighter and costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better. In a recent study on vacuum cleaners, classic cleaning competency is still the main criterion for measuring the superiority of a unit among other competing models. This study was performed by a well-known consumer advocate and it compared the performance of around 90 upright and canister vacuums by trying them on a total of 2 miles carpet and bare floor. The results were more conventional than you might have thought.

It is interesting to note that the study confirmed the toughest task for a vacuum cleaner was, hands-down, carpet cleaning. Here are just some of the consumer points to ponder when choosing among the array of vacuum cleaners available on the market today:

Big brand names are not the measure performance anymore. When it comes to upright models, the results for a classic big brand slipped down a notch for the first time after so many years of holding strongly at the number 1 position. The big brands were nudged by two relatively new players due to their cleaning reliability and spotless performance.

Performance still trumps new tricks. Newer models with gimmicks such as lightweight performance, non-stop suction action, or power steering still can’t compete with models that offer pure, superior performance when it comes to cleaning, airflow, and collection. Among the best equipment tested, one featured a rotating blade that packs together the dirt it picks up. This feature boosts the unit’s cleaning ability and helps users with easier emptying. Other simple additions, such as power head adjusting through a foot control, further lift some of the cleaning burden off of consumers’ shoulders.

Price tag doesn’t equal quality. Some of the most expensive models that were tested showed mediocre performance. Others may have worked well, but were more labor intensive – as if manufacturers were thinking that if a consumer can afford such a model, they can also afford to pay help to use it.

Still, it’s okay to trust technology. The vacuum cleaner that earned the most exciting buzz recently was a robot-technology model that sucked all the dirt, hair, dust, and other particles off the carpet (or floor) with absolutely no need for the owner to lift a finger. It’s like a little robot frisbee that covers an entire surface area completely all by itself. And according to reports, it does execute a methodical and effective cleaning.

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