Removing Candle Wax From Your Carpet

Candles have a lot of uses in and around the house. They can make a long sponge bath even more relaxing or make the room more romantic for a dinner date at home with your spouse or significant other. Unfortunately, candles can also ruin your mood, as spilled candle wax on your carpet can be a frustrating experience for any carpet owner. Candle wax can dry up quickly in your carpet fibers, which can really create a tense situation.

If you find yourself with spilled candle wax on your carpet don’t go crazy just yet. It may be a challenge but it is certainly something that you can get out, even on your own. To help you remove candle wax from your carpet, here is a simple, yet effective, guide you can use.

· The first step when dealing with candle wax is to let it dry up first. Do not try to remove the wax while it is still in liquid form as you can end up spreading it and making it much harder to remove. Let it dry up completely before undertaking any steps to remove it.

· To help it dry faster, put some ice cubes in a Ziploc bag and apply it directly onto the candle wax. This will help quickly cool off the wax, thus making it easier to remove. Leave the ice for a minute or two. This will harden it and make it easier to scrape up and remove.

· Once the candle wax has dried up completely, use a razor blade or a spoon to scrape as much of it off of your carpet as you can. Be careful not to damage the fibers of your carpet. Remove the larger pieces by hand and the smaller, particles with a vacuum cleaner.

· If, after these steps, there is still some remaining wax on your carpet, you may want to try a process called heat transfer. This requires an iron and either a paper bag or some wax paper. Place the bag or paper over the wax area and iron. Make sure to have the iron on a low setting to prevent burning. This will help soften the wax and transfer it onto the paper bag. Make sure to test this in a small area first.

Removing candle wax from your carpet is not that hard. Just follow these simple steps and your carpet will be wax free and clean once again.

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